Canadian Author Peter Trower


Peter Trower was born in St. Leonard’s on Sea, England in


 1930.  He came to Canada in 1940.  Peter worked for 22 years as a logger. He has been writing professionally since 1971. 

Peter has published three novels to date, more than ten books of poetry and numerous articles.  One of his novels (Grogan’s Cafe) has been optioned for a film. 

In 1976, Peter was the subject of a CBC documentary titled ‘Between the Sky and the Splinters’ after his 1974 book of poetry of the same name. 

“He has written at least ten great poems. Who has done that? Anyone? Not many. When you read these poems you feel like falling down on your knees to praise the divine muses.” 
Howard White, The Georgia Strait

“All right then-: Pete’s words jump and push and leap and whisper and roar in your ears. All the strange jargon of loggers is at his command. Sometimes he uses rhyme and metre, but more often it’s bounding careening free verse. Sometimes ten dollar educated words, then woods jargon that snaps and crackles in the ears.” 
Al Purdy, from The Introduction to Chainsaws in the Cathedral


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